Friday, June 12, 2009

Exploring the Beach Treasury

My sweet little holly berries are getting a lot of exposure these days! This time it's thanks to Second Seed's exploring the beach Treasury!

So many fun, unique treats! Where else could lava & snails play together? I do love both...perhaps due to my overwhelming obsession with Hawaii. Mom can confirm the sighting of the gargantuan snail we discovered motoring around outside Grandma & Grandpa's hotel room one summer vacation. I think our plan was to disrupt his itinerary by taking him hostage in a plastic pail, but he outsmarted us and disappeared before we could return with the bucket (or "bukkit" for you LOLcat fans).

Getting back on track, here's my featured photo of my Fallen Holly Berries:

And since I can't get enough snails & lava, here are some fabulous finds from two other featured sellers in Second Seed's Treasury:

Handmade Snail & Patchwork Elephant from While She Naps by Abby Glassenberg. I pretty much want everything in her shop - it's all handmade wool-stuffed animals made from fabric. Dad would be getting the hens & rooster for fathers day if I could afford to get all of them - they're amazing! I tried my hand at a Galactic Turtle didn't come out quite as planned.

Lava Touch Ring & Lava Touch Necklace from Jealousy Jewelry & Designs. She's got a ton of great pieces, but since I'm stuck on lava today I decided to feature two of her many designs that include lava rock. I was eying some lava beads at the shop across from Hubby's office but wasn't quite sure what to do with them. After seeing Jealousy's pieces, I know the answer to that is ANYTHING!

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