Friday, June 12, 2009

Exploring the Beach Treasury

My sweet little holly berries are getting a lot of exposure these days! This time it's thanks to Second Seed's exploring the beach Treasury!

So many fun, unique treats! Where else could lava & snails play together? I do love both...perhaps due to my overwhelming obsession with Hawaii. Mom can confirm the sighting of the gargantuan snail we discovered motoring around outside Grandma & Grandpa's hotel room one summer vacation. I think our plan was to disrupt his itinerary by taking him hostage in a plastic pail, but he outsmarted us and disappeared before we could return with the bucket (or "bukkit" for you LOLcat fans).

Getting back on track, here's my featured photo of my Fallen Holly Berries:

And since I can't get enough snails & lava, here are some fabulous finds from two other featured sellers in Second Seed's Treasury:

Handmade Snail & Patchwork Elephant from While She Naps by Abby Glassenberg. I pretty much want everything in her shop - it's all handmade wool-stuffed animals made from fabric. Dad would be getting the hens & rooster for fathers day if I could afford to get all of them - they're amazing! I tried my hand at a Galactic Turtle didn't come out quite as planned.

Lava Touch Ring & Lava Touch Necklace from Jealousy Jewelry & Designs. She's got a ton of great pieces, but since I'm stuck on lava today I decided to feature two of her many designs that include lava rock. I was eying some lava beads at the shop across from Hubby's office but wasn't quite sure what to do with them. After seeing Jealousy's pieces, I know the answer to that is ANYTHING!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Space & Chocolate

I know I've been slow this past week (more details on why later), but I definitely couldn't wait any longer to post after checking my convos & this afternoon.

I'm honored to be featured in not one but TWO treasuries today! Terra Firma was kind enough to include my Coconut Cosmic Acorns in her Space Treasury:

Here's a closer look at my Cosmic Acorns. Vintage plastic bead caps, new resin beads in a warm brown, and itsy bitsy vintage frosted glass beads, all wrapped up in sterling silver.

Terra Firma has a great shop, and she's local, in NYC! I'd feature every piece in her shop if I had the time and space, but I had to narrow it down to this pendant:

This is the Terra Firma Studio Moon Rock - Fine Silver Pendant. Love the juxtaposition of the circles with the rectangular gem, as well as the sparkly facets next to the softer brushed surfaces. Simple yet flashy and unique. Beautiful!

On to Smika's sweet as chocolate Treasury. My Belt Parkway Brown Earrings are having a great time lounging about among other rich brown goodies, including some stellar Lego cufflinks!

I'd like to work more with wooden beads and recycled matterials, but budget constraints are forcing me to be creative with what I have as I wait for my newest batch of sterling and brass supplies to arrive in my mailbox. For now, here's a detail of my Belt Parkway Brown Earrings:

This delightful little needle felted bear from Smika is abdolutely adorable! I must admit, I do get easily creeped out by felted creatures, but that's hardly the case with this little guy!

Smika's shop offers this sweet little bear in multiple colors, as well as a variety of felted wool pebbles and beads. Great photos throughout her shop, too - bright, crisp, & clear. Even her supplies have personality!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Marmalade Skies Treasury

I'm in a Treasury! The Happy Possum featured my Clementine Earrings in this fabulous aqua & tangerine treasury!

There's the pic as promised. Lovely color theme, & I'm always honored to be featured.

David Bowie Treasury

I snagged a Treasury slot! My inspiration? King of both the Goblins and the Mods, David Bowie. Orange, purple, and gray, with ties to glam rock, vinyl, and space.

Hopefully it will be well received. I pulled from Bowie's music and movies, along with the Glam & Mod styles as a whole. Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lilac Treasury Love!

I'm featured in a treasury this morning! Huzzah! Thank you to Cthings for including me in her Lilac Treasury! She featured my Capped Lilac Drop Bead Earrings, seen here:

Here are a few lovely goodies from Cthings' shop. I have a special place in my heart for anything related to Orange Sherbert. It was my Breakfast of Choice on many of our Hawaiian Vacations as a child. While I don't crave it now, I think the next time I get out to my favorite islands, I'll have to resume this tradition. And yes, there WILL be a next time. With that, I present you with the Orange Sherbert Earrings!

Delicious! I think this is also delightful:

This Winter Blue Bracelet would be lovely year round, in my opinion! Light, crisp, airy, & sparkly, and I love that it's easily adjustable for those of us with itty bitty wrists. I'm usually not big on lampwork beads, but I love the simplicity of these, and the contrast of the opaque sky blue swirled into the crystal clear glass. I may have to do further investigation into the shop of fellow Etsian mommawoodsy, who is credited with the creation of these beautiful beads.

Wednesday's Child is in the Showcase

I've got another slot in the Earrings Showcase today, so I thought I'd feature a couple other items that were keeping mine company this morning. The first earrings that caught my eye were the Branch Bamboo and Roses from Michael S. Levine Studio (Kate Levine):

I love the red and green together! I've been stuck on coral lately, and I haven't seen roses like this before. I'm usually not a fan of floral designs, but I like the simplicity of this one. I think it's a great contrast in shape, color, and texture.

Next up we have the AIR earrings from Ashley H Designs:

Wonderfully soft color on the faceted Amazonite; I can only imagine how lovely these would be in person! The stones look perfect paired with the pinched sterling silver teardrops - so light & fluttery! Browsing her shop, we seem to have a similar aesthetic, which, of course, I very much like.

May many sales come to both of these fabulous artists! Be sure to check out everyone else participating in today's Earrings Showcase! Just follow the link, and then select "Jewelry Earrings" from the drop-down menu at the top right-hand side of the display.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

More Treasury Love!

Another one of my Fallen Holly Berries photos has been featured in a treasury! Here's the photos from the "hippos and nail polish" treasury as selected by theGlassOnion!

The treasury features warm, textured grays and deep reds - I love it! I also must say I'm a fan of theGlassOnion's jewelry as well - great designs, & great photos!

Here is one of their featured items, the Lonely Urchin Necklace. I'm a sucker for almost anything ocean-life-related, and this is no exception. Love the color, love the texture, and it makes me wish we had tide pools around here - I haven't seen any so far, just tons of weird little squishy jellies washing up on the shores of Jones Beach. This necklace is much more pleasant.

Speaking of beaches, I would much rather be heading off to the beach tomorrow instead of heading back to work after my forced vacation. I did bake some cupcakes today - the intent was Pink Velvet, but my food coloring failed pretty hardcore and I ended up not with "fuchsia" as advertised, but a rather unappetizing mauve that would be far more appropriate applied to shag carpeting as opposed to cupcakes. They taste pretty good, but I had to camouflage them by dunking their little frosted heads into a bowl of shocking pink sugar. I might take pics if there are any left after tomorrow.

As a reminder, I'm offering FREE SHIPPING all weekend through Monday in honor of Memorial Day in my Etsy shop, along with some other discounts. I'm also proud to introduce my new favorite photo prop - THE SNOW CONE HOLDER! After I bought the set of 4 for props, I couldn't resist the $18 electric ice shaver. I'm going to try to incorporate ACTUAL SNOW CONES into some of my photos for summer. We'll see how that goes.