Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wednesday's Child is in the Showcase

I've got another slot in the Earrings Showcase today, so I thought I'd feature a couple other items that were keeping mine company this morning. The first earrings that caught my eye were the Branch Bamboo and Roses from Michael S. Levine Studio (Kate Levine):

I love the red and green together! I've been stuck on coral lately, and I haven't seen roses like this before. I'm usually not a fan of floral designs, but I like the simplicity of this one. I think it's a great contrast in shape, color, and texture.

Next up we have the AIR earrings from Ashley H Designs:

Wonderfully soft color on the faceted Amazonite; I can only imagine how lovely these would be in person! The stones look perfect paired with the pinched sterling silver teardrops - so light & fluttery! Browsing her shop, we seem to have a similar aesthetic, which, of course, I very much like.

May many sales come to both of these fabulous artists! Be sure to check out everyone else participating in today's Earrings Showcase! Just follow the link, and then select "Jewelry Earrings" from the drop-down menu at the top right-hand side of the display.

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