Saturday, May 23, 2009

More Treasury Love!

Another one of my Fallen Holly Berries photos has been featured in a treasury! Here's the photos from the "hippos and nail polish" treasury as selected by theGlassOnion!

The treasury features warm, textured grays and deep reds - I love it! I also must say I'm a fan of theGlassOnion's jewelry as well - great designs, & great photos!

Here is one of their featured items, the Lonely Urchin Necklace. I'm a sucker for almost anything ocean-life-related, and this is no exception. Love the color, love the texture, and it makes me wish we had tide pools around here - I haven't seen any so far, just tons of weird little squishy jellies washing up on the shores of Jones Beach. This necklace is much more pleasant.

Speaking of beaches, I would much rather be heading off to the beach tomorrow instead of heading back to work after my forced vacation. I did bake some cupcakes today - the intent was Pink Velvet, but my food coloring failed pretty hardcore and I ended up not with "fuchsia" as advertised, but a rather unappetizing mauve that would be far more appropriate applied to shag carpeting as opposed to cupcakes. They taste pretty good, but I had to camouflage them by dunking their little frosted heads into a bowl of shocking pink sugar. I might take pics if there are any left after tomorrow.

As a reminder, I'm offering FREE SHIPPING all weekend through Monday in honor of Memorial Day in my Etsy shop, along with some other discounts. I'm also proud to introduce my new favorite photo prop - THE SNOW CONE HOLDER! After I bought the set of 4 for props, I couldn't resist the $18 electric ice shaver. I'm going to try to incorporate ACTUAL SNOW CONES into some of my photos for summer. We'll see how that goes.

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